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XEOX enables efficient system management. The combination of several modules allows to map and administer the entire IT infrastructure.

hs2n has developed solutions in areas where XEOX is used. These solutions work as separate products (standalone applications) or as extensions of XEOX in which they are perfectly integrated.
Two of these products from a variety of areas are:

Call Tracking
With a call tracking system problems can be solved faster and the entire process gets documented. hs2n Call Tracking fulfills ITIL standards, calls are categorized according to ITIL (incident, change, problem, query). A detailed documentation allows to evaluate whether the services agreed in the service contract are achieved or not (SLA). Solutions often cause changes in the database. Deeply integrated in the system management tool XEOX call tracking uses the database of XEOX, the CMDB. The CMDB in which all network devices are managed is always up to date. Additionally, calls can be assigned to hardware, software or persons.
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PNAC - Port based network access control
System administrators have to face new forms of viruses and worms which infect the corporate network behind the active firewall. Since intern hardly any security measures exist, the virus spreads quickly and paralyzes the system. The hs2s security solution gets active early, even before a device is connected to the network: each device is checked if it is permitted to access the internal network, in case of authenticated clients the security posture gets evaluated. If in these checks are found missing updates or malware, the client is automatically sequestered in a quarantine network (VLAN). The assignment to VLANs is done dynamically, the default values are set in the central database. Integrated in XEOX, PNAC uses the XEOX CMDB.
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