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What distinguishes the Active Directory and XEOX?

XEOX interacts deeply with the Actice Directory (AD). The Active Directory allows to manage the IT infrastructure and to administer components within this network. The function is similar to XEOX.

Why use XEOX instead of Active Directory?

  • Designing XEOX we decided to favor a clear structure. Therefore XEOX limits its hierachy to three levels: organization, domain and site. Active Directory hierarchy has an unlimited depth, which soon becomes ungovernable.
  • The AD is limited to Windows components, with XEOX on the contrary, you can administer all components of the IT infrastructure: additionaly to Windows clients notebooks or PCs with MAC or Linux as operating system as well as thin clients; mobile phones, monitors, printers or fax machines; servers and all server components (like DRAC, UPS); persons behind the users;
  • objects are assigned to each other, relationships are visible: e.g. a person can have more users, devices like Notebooks, mobile phones, PDAs are assigned to the person.
  • XEOX has a clear grafical interface, which can be adjusted to the screen size; handling is easy and intuitive.
  • simple tasks, like resetting passwords, can be done by support staff even with little experience. To prevent accidental damages in the AD structure their access rights are limited.