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What is XEOX?
XEOX encapsulates all essential tasks of IT-Management and helpdesk in a centralized software tool and therefore automatizes routine tasks. This makes the management of Microsoft Windows systems a lot more comfortable and timesaving for system administrators. XEOX uses a centralized configuration management database (CMDB) which stores all relevant information about your IT-Environment.


With XEOX you can, at the push of a button, for example:

  • perform unattended setup and update of windows operating systems on any number of workstations at the same time (Unattended Setup)
  • perform unattendend rollout of software on any number of workstations at the same time (Softwarerollout)
  • manage of users and their access rights (e.g. for certain files and directories) with a central tool (User Group Management)
  • know anytime which software is installed on which workstation, which hardware components are used and which user is using the workstation (Hardware and Software Inventory)

At the development of XEOX we focused on functions that companies really need, from a technical as well as from a business point of view. However, if you have more or specific requirments, it is of course possible to adapt and customize XEOX according to your needs.

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