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How XEOX is build up?


The CMDB is a central database in accordance with ITIL guidelines (CMDB - Configuration Management Database) . It contains all information on people, hardware and software and the relationships between these objects: e.g. which users a person has, access rights, which software is installed on which device, software licenses, warranty status of hardware.
The XEOX Management Console (MC) is a graphical interface to maintain the CMDB. Services synchronize the data with the Active Directory and the Exchange Server . This guarantees that the Active Directory and the Exchange server match at any time with the XEOX database. An interface to a reporting tool allows to analyze the data.
On each client (desktop PC, notebook) a XEOX agent is installed. The agent communicates with the XEOX server and executes commands (e.g. unattended setup) or sends a status report back to the server, e.g. which software is installed on this client (hardware / software inventory).
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